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Yeast Experiment 2021

BREWTUBERS 2021 “Choose your Style” Yeast experiment!

This year we will be conducting a “choose your style” yeast experiment.
Hub 1: “Drop Kveik Nate” based recipe yeast experiment. (click here for recipe and details)
Hub 2: Saison Yeast Experiment. (click here for recipe and details)
Hub 3: Belgian Dubbel Yeast Experiment. (click here for recipe and details)


By default, each hub coordinator will also be signed up for that particular experiment. There will be a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 13 per hub which includes the hub coordinator.  Paid club members have first “dibs” on experiments, which may cause a nonpaying member to get bumped from that experiment. Be sure to have your club dues up to date to avoid being bumped.

Q: May I sign up for more than one experiment?

A: Yes, you may sign up for two experiments, but not all three.

Q: Do I have to do a video review of the beers?

A: Although not require it is highly encouraged, remember others will be taking the time to review yours on camera, please be courteous and do the same.

Q: Do I have to fill out the online score sheet?

A: Yes, to tabulate the best combination per style it is require that you complete the online score sheets.

Q: I have heard that your experiments require RO or Distilled water, is this true?

A: Yes, Beer is mostly water, it literally is the largest variable we can remove when conducting experiments. We will also require simple brewing salt additions to ensure that we all have the same water profile for each style.

Q: I am an extract brewer, can I join?

A: Yes, of course, all are welcome, reach out to for recipe conversions for each hub.


Yeast: You must select yeast not already selected; all participants will brew the same recipe per hub only utilizing a different yeast, you can only sign up for up to two experiments..

Water: You are again required to use RO/Distilled water with the same water chemistry.

Water Profile:

  • Each style’s water profile will be provided as part of the recipe.


  • No Pressurized fermentation is allowed, but closed transfer of finished beer is highly recommended for shelf stability.
  • Temperatures for fermentation must be recorded on the label and should be within the manufacturers recommended fermentation ranges.

Labeling: As basic or as fancy as you want, be creative!! Please ensure the minimum info is provided, Yeast, actual O.G., F.G. ABV, brew date, packaging date, fermentation temp, and brewer name.

Process: Once everyone is signed up and the deadline has past, we will have 30 days to brew, pack, and ship to hub 1.  Hub 2 will have 60 days to brew, pack, and ship, and hub 3 will have 90 days to brew, pack, and ship. The staggered deadline is threefold, one, hub 1 will finish sooner than hub 2 and hub 3 taking the longest to complete Via time to condition. The second added benefit to this staggered method is that a member that has signed up for two events will have adequate time to brew both beers.  Thirdly if a member has signed up for two experiments this will give ample time to complete the beer reviews before the next hub is due.

Packaging: All beer shipped will be packaged in the format that Kevin Clements did in his packaging of beer video found here please ensure to place a label on the bottle and on the bubble wrap, so the hub coordinator can easily identify the beers for repackaging. Do not use post it pads.

Recipe: Click on “More Stuff” in the menu and select recipe share. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for 2021 Yeast experiment Hub recipe, right click and save as. Go to the file on your computer and double click on it, if you have Beersmith 2 or 3 installed on your computer it will load the recipe. If you do not have beersmith there will also be a PDF version just below it. Please pay close attention to the efficiency and adjust the recipe percentages to match an O.G. of each recipe. Also pay close attention to the alpha acids on hops required for these recipes, matching IBU and O.G. must be the same on paper. We understand that sometimes our actual numbers may be a little off, but do your best.

How this works:

  • Check to see who signed up to ensure no duplication of yeast selections prior to registration.
  • Sign-up for up to two experiments.
  • Download the recipe from this website under, “more stuff”, then click recipe Share.
  • Create or convert your recipe to match the stated recipe based on your hop’s Alpha acids and brewhouse efficiency to achieve the same IBU and O.G.
  • Ensure you have enough RO or distilled water for brewday.
  • Package your beer and ship to your respective hub. (please ship one extra for breakage). I.E. if you hub has 10 entries please send 11 beers to the hub.
  • Go to paypal and send the same shipping amount to the brewtubers Paypal account at I.E., if you paid $20.00 to ship to the hub then send $20.00 to the brewtubers paypal account. This ensures you will receive a box back from your respective hub(s).
  • You will receive a package from your hub with one beer from each member, remember to keep one of yours, yes, you must review your own beer.
  • Video record and post to youtube or any other video platform and keep them brief and to the point.
  • It is also highly encouraged to post the video links to the brewtubers SM accounts via the SM managers for highest visibility.
  • Enter your scores on Brewtubers Website.
  • Watch youtube reviews and gain some knowledge.
  • Check back to the Brewtubers site for real time review scores on your yeast selections performance. Remember this is not a competition it is a way to express the same recipe multiple times without having to brew it multiple times.

The Review: Once you receive your bottles back from the hub, you may begin reviewing and grading these beers online here at Brewtubers utilizing the website scoring sheets, the scoring portion of the website will be password protected. You will receive an email with the password to access the scoring sheets when they become available.  You can also record the reviews for all to gain an understanding of how the yeast affect each style. Although the video reviews are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged. You will have 3 weeks to complete you reviews for website scoring. Video production/Posting of the reviews has no official timeline. Please do the best you can. Grading is not a competition only a way to identify which yeast to recipe combination was favored by the majority and what those combinations imparted on the style. This process help us to understand how to proceed in the future when brew these styles. This knowledges makes our club that much smarter. Cheers!