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Beer & Wine Hobby

Have you ever gone to your local homebrew store to get some Galaxy hops & they’ve run out? Did you order on a popular homebrew website that rhymes with shmore-beer dot com, only to find days later that they didn’t have what you needed in stock and the website wasn’t updated? Don’t you wish you could buy from a family owned business, especially in these crazy COVID-times we’re in, and do it from the comfort of your own home? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Beer & Wine Hobby is a family-owned business with the inventory of a big box supplier! With one brick and mortar store in Danvers, Massachusetts & celebrating 49 YEARS in business, Beer & Wine Hobby has the most competitive prices on the market to compete with the big boys here on the interwebs, but has the BEST free-shipping deal of them all! Go to, spend $39 and get *FREE SHIPPING! That’s right, all you need to do is spend $39! That’s ingredients for one batch of beer!


Not only that, Beer & Wine Hobby has BY FAR the best supply of Yeast proprietors so you’ll never go without your favorite package of bugs for your brew day! The staff brews beer & makes wine. If they don’t know the answer to a question, they’ll find it!Beer & Wine Hobby is the OFFICIAL Homebrew Store of the Brewtubers Online Brewers Club, and for good reason! Go online and do your own research, we DARE you to find a better free shipping deal than at Beer & Wine Hobby! If you need something & you don’t see it (a specific malt, hop, yeast, or piece of equipment), reach out with a phone call or e-mail & THEY’LL GET IT FOR YOU! 



Click HERE to get the recipe for DKN so YOU CAN BREW IT AT HOME ALONG WITH THE CLUB MEMBERS! Go on and purchase your ingredients as Beer & Wine Hobby NOW HAS BONLANDER MUNICH IN STOCK!

*Free Shipping not included for boxes of glass bottles & any item > 16lb