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RSS Exit 12’s Homebrew Podcast

  • Anchor Employees race Against The Clock To Purchase Brewery August 2, 2023
    This week Brandon and Kristen discuss a major update on the ongoing Anchor Brewing Saga, the employees of the brewery are looking to put in a bid to buy it, but will they have enough time before Sapporo Liquidates the brewery? We also catch up with Kristen on her battle with Ticketmaster.  Follow Exit 12 […]
    Exit 12 Homebrew Podcast
  • Anchor Brewing Company Ceasing Operations July 19, 2023
    This week we have some huge craft beer news as historic Anchor Brewing Company is ceasing its operations and liquidating their business. We discuss what this means for the Craft Beer landscape moving forward. Also, this week Brandon isolates some audio from last week’s episode that becomes an all-time unintended ricochet shot on Kristen.ollow Exit […]
    Exit 12 Homebrew Podcast

RSS My Adventures in Homebrewing Podcast

  • Hi How Are you Talking about mental health October 2, 2022
    Hi Folks, So bit of a different topic this week and I feel it is an important one. Most of you know I am a military veteran and I have survived quite a bit in my time with them, but with what I have survived it has left scares and damage in its path. Yakima […]
    Dan Matthews
  • Lupomax Hops from Yakima Valley Hops September 21, 2022
    Hey Folks, This we we talk about something that I have yet to use, but will be in the near future it's LUPOMAX hops from Yakima Valley Hops.   LUPOMAX® is a new concentrated pellet that is consistent, efficient, and optimized for hop flavor. LUPOMAX® has less vegetative matter compared to regular hop pellets so […]
    Dan Matthews

RSS Best of Show: The Competition Brewing Podcast

  • Mastering competitions: Matthew Herrold on the rise of the Master Homebrewer Program February 25, 2023
    In this episode, Matthew Herrold joins us to talk about the meteoric rise of the Master Homebrewer Program.  This competitive brewing program allows brewers to earn designations and specialty badges based on competition scoresheets over various styles.  In addition, the MHP runs the Circuit of America and acts as an advocate to competitive brewers by […]
    Best of Show
  • World Cup.... of Beer with guests Neil Topliffe and Eric Ruzicka January 31, 2023
    In this episode, we take a quick look at four upcoming homebrew competitions including Drunk Monk Challenge, Boot Brew Fest, Cascade Brewers Cup, and SheBrew.  Then we were joined by Neil Topliffe and Eric Ruzicka of the Bay Area Mashers to discuss their upcoming World Cup.  No, not that World Cup.  This is the World […]
    Best of Show

RSS The Homebrew Pub

  • Big Pop Brewing September 6, 2022
    Ryan of Big Pop Brewing comes by the pub where discuss... well pretty much everything beer! Check out his homebrewing course: Bubba's Porter: 13lb 2 Row 1.5lb Caramel Malt 1lb Munich II 8oz Black Malt 8oz Chocolate Malt Hops: 1oz Columbus (60 mins) 2oz Cascade (5 mins) Yeast: San Diego Super Yeast OG 1.078 […]
    The Hombrew Pub | Age of Radio
  • John Palmer's Moose & Squirrel August 30, 2022
    Author of 'How To Brew' aka the Bible of Homebrewing comes to the Homebrew Pub this week. We talk about how he got into brewing, what inspired the book, and visit his dream homebrew pub: The Moose & Squirrel John’s Dunkelbock 4 lbs Vienna (60%) 2 lbs Munich (30%) .6 lbs C80 (7%) .2 lbs […]
    The Hombrew Pub | Age of Radio
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