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RSS Exit 12’s Homebrew Podcast

  • Dialing in Your New Equipment May 18, 2022
    We have all been there, right? You get a new piece of brewing equipment & you're pumped to use it, only to realize you have no idea how to! This week we talk about how to dial in the new piece of equipment, whether it be a new brewing system, new brew tech, or a […]
    Exit 12 Homebrew Podcast
  • Bottle Shops May 11, 2022
    We cannot always make it to our favorite breweries so way better way to try out some new Craft Beers then visiting your local bottle shop. This week we talk about our likes and dislikes from a bottle shop, what styles we are looking for and the pet peeves that drive us nuts… Al this […]
    Exit 12 Homebrew Podcast

RSS My Adventures in Homebrewing Podcast

  • Homebrew Pub with Andrew Saunders April 3, 2022
    So this week we talk with a new friend and podcaster Andrew Saunders host for the Homebrew Pub podcast. From Essex England Andrew came to the US and found his love of beer in Colorado. He has had some of his beer done on the commercial scale with some great success. Some along for the […]
    Dan Matthews
  • Home Brewery March 25, 2022
    Ever think about having your own permanent brewing set up or home brewery? So I'm moving to the country and will be getting a chance to create my dream set up for brewing. Now the question is what system to get, what are the electrical requirements, water supply and the list goes on. So leave […]
    Dan Matthews

RSS Plato’s Gravity Podcast

  • Circadian Coffee with Adam Datema July 8, 2020
    We are excited to be back in action after a long hiatus. We are kicking off our new format with Adam Datema of Circadian Coffee in Indianapolis. You can learn more about Circadian Coffee on their website: ( (Circadian Coffee on Instagram) (Circadian Coffee on Twitter) (Circadian Coffee on Facebook) Shotes […]
    Plato's Gravity
  • We're Back July 6, 2020
    After 6 months off, we are excited to return to action with a new, wider scope. We want to talk to anyone and everyone who produces amazing food and beverage at a local scale. Tune in Wednesday as we invite Adam Datema from Circadian Coffee to the show!
    Plato's Gravity

RSS Best of Show: The Competition Brewing Podcast

  • Spirit of 76 Competition with Jarrett Long April 20, 2022
    In this episode, we will recap several competitions including the Peach State Brew Off in Atlanta, SODZ British Beer Fest, Colonial Cup, and the KLCC Homebrew Competition.  We also discussed upcoming competitions for which you can still enter.  Those are the Sour Times Homebrew Competition, The Colorado State Fair, the Port City Plunder (wait till […]
    Best of Show
  • John Black Introduction and Lunar Rendezbrew 28 Updates April 6, 2022
    In this episode, we will recap several competitions including the Virginia Beer Blitz, America's Finest City Homebrew Competition, and the All American Homebrew Competition.  Upcoming competitions include the Mead Stampede, Carbondale Brew Fest, and the Maltose Falcons Mayfaire competition. We'll also give you a full introduction to your host, John Black.  John is a competitive […]
    Best of Show

RSS The Homebrew Pub

  • Cronos Brewing & West Coast Kolsch May 17, 2022
    Jon and Lily of Cronos Brewing (IG: cronosbrewingco) stop by the pub to talk about their Greek mythology inspired beers, and their 5 year plan to open their brewery! Check out their website for recipes, blogs and some great brewing advice. West Coast Kolsch (Hallertau-CTZ) Written By Jonathan Bulotti Ingredients -Fermentables- 7 lbs German Pilsner […]
    The Hombrew Pub | Age of Radio
  • Czech Rendevous w/Greg from Craft Beer Republic May 10, 2022
    Greg from Craft Beer Republic Podcast comes to the pub. We discuss the joys of collaborating with Craft breweries, the beauty of California, and add his Czech Rendevouz to our taplist. go to to learn more about the show, and listen to episode #295 to learn about Greg's Collab beer: Czech Rendezvous - […]
    The Hombrew Pub | Age of Radio
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