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RSS Exit 12’s Homebrew Podcast

  • Craft Beer, Home Brew, & Football September 22, 2021
    This week tackle (wink, wink) one of our favorite topics; FOOTBALL! We talk about the food & drink combinations we prefer on game day, talk some trash about rival teams, & play a word-association game; all this, & brew songs in the new episode!Intro song provided by Young Kartz, called "Levels"  Find Young Kartz's music HERE: […]
    Exit 12 Homebrew Podcast

RSS My Adventures in Homebrewing Podcast

  • Adventures with Rod Maccoux September 25, 2021
    So this week I got to talk with Rod Maccoux and his partner Dawn and got to learn what is like to be brewing with no sight what so ever. In a past episode I talk with the Blind brew Guy Fred Coleman and heard what its like for him, but hearing how Rod and […]
    Dan Matthews

RSS Plato’s Gravity Podcast

  • Circadian Coffee with Adam Datema July 8, 2020
    We are excited to be back in action after a long hiatus. We are kicking off our new format with Adam Datema of Circadian Coffee in Indianapolis. You can learn more about Circadian Coffee on their website: ( (Circadian Coffee on Instagram) (Circadian Coffee on Twitter) (Circadian Coffee on Facebook) Shotes […]
    Plato's Gravity
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