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Meet your Club Officers

Gary Fortin
Club President

Known as ``MaineBrewGuy Gary``, Gary Fortin is the President of the club & one of the more well-known home brewers on YouTube. Hailing from Maine, he's been living the charmed life in Florida with his wife and two pups, has been brewing beer for 14 years in the home brew space, and loves to tinker in the brewery while playing with his brewing gadgets. He loves all styles except Pumpkin Beer!

Nick Lesogor
Club Vice President and Sponsorship Manager

Nick is a home brewer of 6 years, starting the hobby with a few friends from high school. As he became more serious about it, his cousin-in-law Brandon (Vice President & Merchandise Manager) hopped along for the ride as Exit 12 Homebrew became a collective of 2. Known for their hazy beers living in Massachusetts, the duo won the category and 2nd in Best Of Show in the 2020 Boston Homebrew Competition!

Brandon Dellechiaie
Club Vice President & Merchandise Manager

A father of two and avid home brewer, Brandon delves deep into the liquid that really makes beer what it is; water! Specializing in hops knowledge & water chemistry for Exit 12, Brandon enjoys beer styles of all kinds, but especially the New England IPA. Brandon is the Ying to Nick's Yang, playing off each other well in their YouTube videos & podcast, making this cousin-in-law duo a great team!

David Phelps
Club Treasurer
Sean Egan
Club Secretary & Sergeant at Arms

Known as Brookside Brews, Sean Egan is new on the Brewtuber scene! Sean is Captain with the Buffalo, NY Fire Department and while suffering through the pandemic, became disenchanted with drinking commercial beers so he decided to learn how to brew his own! First batch: September 2020.

Chris Burger
Events Manager

Better known as Burgles Brewing, Chris is one of the newer Brewtubers. As a father to 4 little girls, he has become a master in the art of night brewing and tinkering his process to cut down on brewdays. Although Chris enjoys drinking and brewing all styles of beer, he tends to lean on the hoppy side of life and loves adding a hoppy twist to his beers.

Ryan Lewis
Social Media Manager: Instagram

Ryan is a Chief Information Officer for a Federal Credit Union by day. By night? He's an imperial stout making machine! A father of two amazing girls, Ryan enjoys brewing imperial stouts, NEIPA's, & sours. To offset those beers, Ryan enjoys working out and running.

Dennis Pynn
Social Media Manager: Twitter

The ``king of collab`` himself, Dennis Pynn is the brewer in the club that loves collaborating on any and all beers with fellow club members! A teacher and coach by day, he enjoys brewing all kinds of styles of beers. A Kettle Sour won him the crown in the 2019 SJ Porr Challenge! Dennis has been a home brewer for 6 years.

Matthew Morris
Discord/MeWe Manager

Matt of Wrecked Brewery works overnights in IT as an Infrastructure Engineer. He's been brewing since 2011 and following Brewtubers since 2012 learning and growing with this awesome community. What started out as a gag Christmas gift one year for Matt has blown into a love for the hobby over the years.