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Experiment Participants

Youtube ChannelBrewery NameFirst NameChose your Experiment(s)Type your Yeast for Drop Kveik NateType your yeast for the Saison ExperimentType your Yeast selection for the Belgian DubbelApproved
Not yet.... N/A Joe Belgian Ale Safbrew S-33 Belgian Ale Yeast - Fermentis , interesting test as a back-up yeast 1
NA Lazy Otter Brewing Nikhil Saison Omega Yeast OYL-057 HotHead Ale Saisonstein’s Monster Hybrid - Omega Yeast OYL-500 yes Exit 12 Homebrew Brandon Saison Imperial Rustic B56 yes
Big Dawg Brewing Big Dawg Brewing Dave Saison, Belgian Ale, Kveik Ebbergarden OYL-042 BELGIAN SAISON II OYL024 Belgian Ale A yes Woodshed Brewing Co. Dennis Saison, Kveik Berserker Lallemand Belle Saison yes Wrecked Brewery Matthew Saison, Kveik Juggernaut Imperial B64 Napoleon yes
underthetablebrewing Under The Table Brewing Nate Saison, Kveik Krispy Omega’s Saisonstein yes
Mainebrewguy Tapout Brewing Gary Saison, Belgian Ale, Kveik Citrus King WLP590 French Saison Imperial B48 Triple Double yes Bitter Reality Brewing Mike Saison White Labs 565 yes
Lew brew Lew Brew Ryan Saison LewBrew Brett saison blend yes Exit 12 Homebrew Nick Lesogor Belgian Ale Imperial B45 Gnome yes
317 Brewing 317 Brewing Jason Belgian Ale, Kveik yes
Wally Feck Wally Feck Wally Kveik Kveik the World yes