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Youtube ChannelBrewery NameFirst NameStateMalt Being UsedDate RecordedApproved
underthetablebrewing Under the Table Brewing & Co. Nate & Chuck Georgia Vienna June 30, 2020 yes
I don’t have one Herrmannbrau John CT Breiss Pale Ale June 27, 2020 yes
mainebrewguy Gary Tapout Brewing Gary Florida Golden Promise Malt June 21, 2020 yes
Putnam Brew & BBQ The Cooper Brew Co. Peter CT Thrall Family Malt Pale Malt June 1, 2020 yes Scoppa Brewing Company Jerry NY European Wheat June 1, 2020 yes
N/A Woodshed Brewing Co. Dennis NY Vanora - Mecca Grade Vienna style June 1, 2020 yes
NA Big Dawg Brewing Dave NY Dingemans Belgian Pilsner Malt June 1, 2020 yes
NA Lazy Otter Brewing Nikhil NY Optic June 1, 2020 yes Wrecked Brewery Matthew SC Swaen Munich Light May 31, 2020 yes