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Drop Kveik Nate

Drop Kveik Nate: Hub 1

All beers due to hub between May 1st 2021, May 7th 2021, the hub coordinator will repack and ship as soon as all packages have arrived at the hub.

Send one extra beer for breakage, be sure to follow the packing instructions carefully. (refer back to the experiment page for details)

This recipe requires distilled or RO water. (the exception is Nate P., as we are using his water profile)

Water Profile is as follows: For every 10 gallons of water add 1 gram of calcium chloride  1.5 grams of Epson salt, and 0.8 grams of sea or canning  salt.

This closely resembles Nate’s water profile. We are shooting for a PH of 5.3-5.4 which is achieved by the acid malt and brewing salts.

Water profiles by the numbers CA=7 Mag=4 NA=15 CL=12 Sulfate=15