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What is a Brewtuber?

Definition: Brewtuber (noun). A person that brews beer at home that either video blogs on youtube or views and comments on fellow Youtube (brewtuber) videos.

Home Brewers who have turned to the internet to share their knowledge and lives. Turning to the camera to video blog their lessons learned and share experiences, Brewtubers need a place to call home this website is your home.

How did this begin?  Various Home Brewers, Like Craigtube, SJPorr, Immolatous, JakeCPUNUT, DanABA turned to youtube to video blog how to videos. This caught on quickly as the Home Brewing community was already well established, however this new medium was the next evolution and call it Brewtubing.

We are a group of Home beer brewers that love our craft so much that we have turned to video blogging our beer journey. We enjoy sharing knowledge about beer through beer trades, experiments and world wide beer challenges. We are an official Home Brew Club and we were way ahead of the “Covid Curve” Our club has been virtual since 2011