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Q: What to do I need to do next?
1. Check your email & confirm your account.
2. Click on Discord link here. Once on the page, click “connect” & then request access.
3. Send an email to to gain access to the brewtubers calendar & zoom accounts. The return email will give you access & the ability to schedule joint brew days with other club members on your own personal calendar. You Will receive a username & password to access the Brewtuber Zoom Account. Brewtubers paid zoom account allows you to record the session to the cloud for a later download or live stream to FB or Youtube.
4. Please be sure to attend monthly meetings on Zoom. They occur on the 1st Friday of every month @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time. To access the zoom call, return to & click “meetings,” then “zoom call data” & a link will be provided! An easier way to access the meetings would be to access the club calendar and click on the link in the appropriate date.
Paid Members will receive an e-mail asking for shirt size for your exclusive membership shirt at no additional charge. Limited time offer.