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Woody's Home Brew Supply

Woody’s Homebrew Supply is a Brewtuber sponsor. Woody’s was discovered by Exit 12 Brewing, when searching for brewing supplies on the internet and happened upon Woody’s. What Exit 12 found next was astonishing.

Woody’s has free shipping in the U.S. with any order over $58.00 USD but under 70 lbs which is understandable.  What Exit 12 found out next was a truly amazing find for Brewtubers,

Brewtubers is allowed a 10% discount every-time you, with Woody’s HBS. Also Woody’s has a  price match guaranty, free shipping and the PROMO code, Woody’s is a no brainer

On you next HBS order try Woody’s and don’t forget your PROMO code BREWTUBERS, Cheers!

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2019 Brewtubers Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are right around the corner! Amazing food, great beer, and spending time with loved ones are only a few of the things we look forward to the most. No matter how you celebrate, there’s no doubt that there should always be some homebrew stuff on your gift list! While our partners, parents, siblings, children and friends are eying a nice tie or hot sauce of the month subscription, why don’t you give them a (not so) subtle clue as to what you’re looking for!


Are you a homebrewer looking for ideas? Or a family member or loved one looking to show the homebrewer in your life just how creative of a gift giver you are? This is the go-to guide for the homebrewer!


We’ve broken up our gift recommendations into four categories for easier shopping:

Stuff My Stocking: Gifts under $20 that could truly help!

Homebrew Newbie: Items that will get the homebrewer you know started in the right direction!

Middle Of The Road Smitty, Middle Of The Road: Gifts priced $100-$250 or so for the serious brewer that might be on a budget!
“I’ll Break Your Effin’ Bag With My Gift!” (click on the link and skip to 35 seconds in for the reference): For the most hardcore, serious, into-the-hobby brewer that needs the item that will bring their elixir of the gods to the next level!


If you order through Woody’s Homebrew ( or by clicking on “Woodys” at the top of this website) and use code BREWTUBERS, *you’ll receive 10% off your entire order, no matter how big or small! What’s more, you’ll also receive FREE SHIPPING with any order over $58!* Those two deals combined make Woody’s the go-to homebrew shop for EVERYONE! Cheers!

*Please note: any pricing listed in this blog DOES NOT include 10% off and free shipping.


Stuff My Stocking:


Star San
8oz – $7.99
16oz – $12.99
32oz – $17.99

It may not be the sexiest thing, but cleaning is argubably the most important aspect to successful homebrew. Star san is an industry standard high foaming, no rinse sanitizer. As any homebrewer will tell you, don’t fear the foam!


Intertap Chrome Plated Faucet

For the homebrewer who kegs, a good tap can make all the difference. This chrome plated forward sealing faucet keeps beer in so the inside doesn’t have a chance to get sticky, making cleaning much easier.  This modular threaded spout easily unscrews and can be replaced by a growler filler or stout spout quickly and easily.





Proper mash temperature is a pillar of great homebrew and nothing helps with that better than a trusty thermometer. This thermometer has an easy to read face at 3×2.5 in with a 6-inch probe. With a drill and few other minor parts, this thermometer can easily be installed in a cooler to create a unique, temperature reading mash tun!



If the homebrewer in your life closed transfers from the fermenter fermenter into a keg, this little widget is the gift! This flow stopper will read the level of liquid in the keg & automatically cut off the flow when the keg is full, saving the homebrewer the risk of over filling. Simply attach this device to the output gas post of the keg, then when the keg is full it will prevent further liquid exiting the gas post.


   Homebrew Newbie:


This starter kit by Brewmaster will get you homebrewing in no time and has everything you need for your first batch of beer! The kit includes all of the below.


  • (2) Brewmaster plastic buckets with spigots for fermentation, bottling, and cleaning
  • Bucket lid, stopper, and airlock
  • 24 inch spoon
  • Vinyl tubing for transfers & bottling
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Wing bottle capper & 50 bottle caps
  • (3) 8″x15″ re-usable mesh steeping bags for grain and hops
  • Star San sanitizer, 4 fl oz bottle
  • Bottle brush
  • Triple scale hydrometer and sample jar
  • Dial thermometer
  • Adhesive liquid crystal fermentation thermometer
  • Step by step instructions



If you are new to this hobby, AHA membership is a must have. Membership includes Zymurgy Magazine (a great resource for new homebrewers) delivered six times a year to your door, the brew Guru app, access hundreds of gold medal winning recipes from the National Homebrew Competition and plenty of AHA Membership deals.


A good kettle is vital when starting out. This five-gallon stainless steel kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel with 0.5-mm thick sides and bottom. This 5-gallon kettle can safely hold up to 3 gallons of wort while boiling, making it the perfect size for extract brewing right in your own home! What’s even better? You don’t have to use an expensive pot from your kitchen!


                    Middle Of The Road Smitty, Middle Of The Road:






When you are ready to upgrade from your plastic fermentation bucket or glass carboy you can’t go wrong with the SS Brew Bucket. Made of 304 Stainless steel features a conical bottom for maximum trub pickup and a racking arm. The brewmaster edition comes with a weldless 304 stainless steel thermowell and LCD temperature gauge with a silicone housing, that way you know what temperature your beer is fermenting at! The sticker price might be shocking for someone gifting you this wonderful fermenter from SS Brewtech, but stainless steel means you don’t need to buy another fermenter again!



This beergun makes bottles filling a breeze. The Blichmann Beergun V2 features an ergonomic warm-touch grip with ambidextrous thumb activated CO2 valve. This beergun is a breeze to clean as everything comes apart easily and beer hoses are anti-microbial. It also comes in a cool plastic carrying case. Ditch the bottling bucket and fill right from the keg, greatly reducing the risk of ruining your beer with exposure to oxygen! At just under $100, there’s no better item that will help bring your homebrew to the next level!


Cleaning can be a pain, but with this keg washer you will spend more time brewing! The Mark II Keg and Carboy washer is designed to clean and sanitize kegs, carboys, buckets and an assortment of other vessels. The sanitation container can clean and sanitize your airlocks, keg fittings and tubing. Speed up your brew day and reduce cleaning time with this easy to use keg & carboy washer.


This Fermenter is a must have for anyone who wants to play with pressurized fermentation (pressure kit sold separately) and transfer. This fermenter features an extra-large dump valve so dry hopping is a breeze and a larger top port for easy cleaning. This vessel is rated for 2.4 bar (34.8 PSI) so pressure transfer and fermenting is a easier. The fermzilla is one of the newer, most impressive fermentation units on the market right now and is perfect for the homebrewer in your life that needs the latest and greatest!


Refractometers are a great alternative to using a hydrometer in order to measure your alcohol content. A good refractometer can help you take gravity readings throughout the brew day in a quicker, easier fashion while using far less liquid than a hydrometer. This unit has a large clear screen, automatic temperature control as well as an ocular eyepiece for focusing. Save time and liquid by purchasing a refractometer!


“I’ll Break Your Effin’ Bag With My Gift!”



There have been studies that claim canning hoppy beers can keep them fresher for longer, plus it just plain looks cool! This manual can seamer (can be easily converted to power) is one of the most easy-to-use and price friendly on the market. The canner only requires one person to operate and seams in roughly 5 seconds per can. This unit can do both 8oz and 16oz cans. If you’re a homebrewer or know one that gives a lot of their beer away, enters competitions regularly, or ships homebrew to friends & family, the cannular is the perfect gift, saving not only space and money, but being far more convenient than glass bottles.


The Brewmaster Series Chronicals takes existing features on the chronicals bumps it up to the next level of professionalism.  These conical fermenters boast a 3″ TC port on the lid, perfect for CIP or dry hopping.  An FTSs Chilling coil is included, weldlessly mounted to the body of the chronical, allowing for chilling or heating.  Internal gallon & liter markings are electrically etched, so no fading over time. *NOTE: Woody’s is currently out of stock on these units, but the website may not be updated. Reach out to them through e-mail to see if/when they’ll be getting more in stock.*


If you want to try your hand at all-in-one electric brewing, the Brewzilla is a great, new option! This 220V unit features a stainless steel construction, 16 gallon capacity, digital temperature controller, triple heating elements (2000, 1000, 500 watt) , immersion wort chiller, stainless steel malt pipe and basket, recirculation arm, and an internal pump to help run the wort through the grain continuously while mashing in. Take your operation inside and brew year round (if you live in months when the winter is particularly awful) with this amazing unit.


Milling your own grain can help greatly increase efficiency. While you can purchase a mill that you can hand crank or run with a drill, we wanted to go the extra mile. As users of this product, we can speak to the level of ease and overall amazingness of this product! The base of this motorized mill is stainless steel with a tough bamboo baseboard and the motor is powerful, yet quiet. The chute can hold up to 6 pounds of grain and the dual cold rolled steel rollers will crush grain at 6 pounds per minute. It even comes with a bucket that holds up to 25 pounds of grain with an easy to pour handle.

Woody's Home Brew Supply

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