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Matt - Wrecked Brewery

Hey fellow Brewtubers,

Realized I didn't have an intro on here, oops!  So here goes...

My name is Matthew Morris and I call my homebrewery "Wrecked Brewery."  The name is inspired by my nickname "Wreck" which I was given as a child by my peers and you can guess why lol.  The name stuck and this is my online handle for easy association.  I started this homebrewing journey from a Christmas gift in 2011 given to me by a close friend.  He gifted me "The Beer Machine" and it all went downhill from there.  I thought the beer was average, but I could do much better.  Here I am many years later trying to brew great beer each time I pick up the mash paddle.  Always tinkering and learning the craft as I go.

Welcome to the journey and awesome hobby with me.  I enjoy following everyone and their quest to brew great beer as well.  Keep up the great work and I'll see ya'll online!  Cheers!

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Damn fine looking beer there Matt!