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Checking Out the Scene

Hello, I am Cole. I brew under the name King Alfred the Pup Brewhaus, named after my dog and best friend, Alfred. I saw this group on Short Circuited Brewers' YouTube channel, so I figured I'd check it out.

I live in Washington, DC, and am a member of the DC Homebrewer's club. I brew on a BrewBoss eBIAB system, though plan to move to the Brewzilla 65L when the finances are right 🙂 I run a minifridge and adapted cheapo wardrobe for fermentation control, all monitored and controlled using BruControl. I have a Blueberry Milk Stout fermenting right now. To top it off, I have a 5-tap keezer, currently filled with a Baked Apple Brown Ale, I Remember My First Checkin (Untapp'd anniversary sour), and a special election salted, orange peel sour (not quite a gose, but along those lines) made for my friends for an election night party. I've named it, but I'll keep the name out since it is political (the friends named it) and we've had enough of that.

My Brewer's Friend profile is here: King Alfred the Pup Brewhaus - Brewer Profile - Brewer's Friend

I look forward to checking out this group and brewing along!