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2020 Yeast Experiment

Registration opens Jan 1st 2020 and closes on Jan 31 2020.  The 1st 12 to sign up will be in the Experiment.  If enough interest is generated we will conduct another one directly after this Experiment.  The last Yeast Challenge/Experiment we did was the Hokiehomebrew Yeast Challenge. Since then we have seen a huge amount of new yeast strains come out over the last few years, so its that time again.

Rules: You must select a strain not already selected (click here to view who has signed up), you must brew the same recipe with RO/Distilled water with the same water chemistry provided by the recipe.  The only variable would be adjusting grain amount to meet the desired OG, percentage of grains will not change. I.E. the experiment recipe has on O.G. of 1.057 with a system efficiency of 77%, and your efficiency is 82% you must reduce you grains to meet this number by bringing all your grains down while maintaining each grain percentage.  Hops should be calculated by hops acid content I.E. Experiment recipe 2oz of Citra with an alpha acid of 10%, but your Hops are 12%, you must reduce the hop amount to match the original recipe.  We are trying to showcase the differences a yeast strain brings to the table, while removing as many variables as possible.  The only variable is fermentation temperatures as these are set by yeast strain.  Please use the recommended yeast strain fermentation temperature range when considering your yeast selection.

Process: Once everyone is signed up and the deadline has past we will have 60 days to brew, pack, and ship to a designated hub.  When your 12 beers have shipped then you will send the same shipping cost amount to the brewtubers paypal account for return shipping cost. Paypal:

Once you receive your 11 bottles back, you may begin reviewing and grading these beers online here at Brewtubers, and you can also record the reviews for all to gain an understanding of how the yeast works for this particular style and hop selection. Although the video reviews are not mandatory they are highly encouraged.  You will have 3 weeks to complete you reviews on the website scoring.

No one is smarter thank all of us, share knowledge and brew great beer!

Youtube video on the 2020 yeast experiment

No one is smarter thank all of us, share knowledge and brew great beer!

Hey everyone,

The Brewtubers 2020 Yeast Experiment is happening!  We created a Group chat on FB, if you are not in that chat group please let us know.

Please use the intro video from this link  or goto "More Stuff" in the menu and select "Media" the find the brewtubers 2020 yeast experiment and click to download.

Also we will be placing all videos related to the review on the yeast experiment in this thread.

Cheers! and enjoy!



No one is smarter thank all of us, share knowledge and brew great beer!

I believe I will need to be added to the chat.  I'll be brewing it this Thursday/Friday!

I just posted to the FB group Chat to get you added.

No one is smarter thank all of us, share knowledge and brew great beer!