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Brewers Hardware

   Brewers Hardware offers a variety of unique and hard to find items to the home and craft brewing markets. Specializing in Tri Clover compatible sanitary fittings and other stainless steel parts and accessories, our selection is constantly expanding.

What are Tri Clover fittings? They can be a little confusing at first.  But take a look in any commercial brewery (or dairy for that matter) and look to see what they are using to make their connections. They will almost certainly be using Tri Clover type sanitary connections. The advantage to these connectors is how easily they are cleaned and how sturdy they are. With no nooks or crannies for nasties to hide, they clean like a breeze and don’t leak.

Featured Items

The Dry Hopper – 3″ Tri Clover Compatible

Purge hops w/ CO2 for no oxygen dry hopping!

The Dry Hopper – 1.5″ Tri Clover Compatible

1.5″ Tri Clover Compatible (Convert to 2″ by adding the cap reducer kit below)
Purge hops with CO2 for no oxygen dry hopping

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