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  • Kalyke Blonde
    An award-winning blonde ale with its easy-drinking, slightly malty, and clean qualities, the Kalyke Blonde is a recipe by Scott Strain and Bobby Kros that was created for the Sower's Cup competition in 2015. The two gentlemen took home Best of Show with this simple, yet complex ale. The addition of rye grains gives this beer […]
  • Zymurgy Live: Brewing Local With Stan Hieronymus
    Read More The post Zymurgy Live: Brewing Local With Stan Hieronymus appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • Upslope Brown Ale: The Evolution of a Homebrew Recipe to Commercial Beer
    It’s a dream of every homebrewer to see one of their homebrew recipes grow into a popular offering at taprooms and better beer stores across the country. We caught up with Upslope Brewing Co.’s Chad Pieper to follow the journey of his brown ale homebrew recipe which would become one of the brewery’s most popular canned offerings. […]
  • #BiggestSmallBeerEver Porter
    #BiggestSmallBeerEver is a recipe brewed by 100 craft breweries across the United States in celebration of the 2016 American Craft Beer Week (May 16–22). The recipe, loosely based on an imperial porter, was inspired by a homebrew recipe from Denver-based Declaration Brewing Co. It was this recipe that breweries across the country made in honor […]
  • How to Add Fruit to Beer
    This is part 2 in Style of the Month: Fruit Beer. So you want to brew a fruit beer. You’ve selected the perfect base beer style and fruit combination and it’s time to start sourcing the fruit and making a plan of attack. As with many aspects of homebrewing, there are many ways to achieve […]

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  • My System
    Hello Brewtubers All these files are the original some modifications were made later one which have improved the operation of this system.   HERIMS.jpg   (Size: 117 KB / Downloads: 2)   Copy of herims parts .xls   (Size: 55.5 KB / Downloads: 0)
  • Alpha Acid poll
    Hey Bs &Gs    When we close a poll it will be archived in this section. at anytime we want to resurrect a previous poll let us know.   Poll.png   (Size: 33.79 KB / Downloads: 2)
  • Looney Larry Is Loose
    I know it's about time, but the Looney one has finally broken free from the straight jacket and is now here to spread insanity throughout the brewtubers community. Cheers to the many guys and gals that make this such a great community!
  • Cloudwater brewery DIPA v1 This is cloudwaters blog, with a detailed step by step blow of what they did. Their copper volume was 3900litres & FV 3600litres so you can try & use beer smith to adjust the volumes.
  • Hopping Joey
    Recipe: Hopping Joey Brewer: Chris Ashley Asst Brewer: Style: American IPA TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe Specifications ————————– Boil Size: 81.96 l Post Boil Volume: 76.96 l Batch Size (fermenter): 66.00 l   Bottling Volume: 60.00 l Estimated OG: 1.058 SG Estimated Color: 21.8 EBC Estimated IBU: 55.0 IBUs Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 % Est […]

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