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  • Mapping the Sour Beer Microbiome
    Historically, certain styles of beer were inoculated and fermented with the microorganisms resident on malted grains. In recent years, this style of brewing has made a comeback and is being used exclusively by our friends at Blue Owl Brewing in Austin, Texas. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s inherent variability in the fermentations done in the manner. We […]
  • Brighid’s Irish Red Ale
    In 2009, interest in homebrewing was growing at an unprecedented rate, and the beers that amateur brewers were submitting to competitions were getting better and better. Grote has been brewing since his college days and likes to blur the lines between styles, as is the case with his Irish red ale. His inspiration for using […]
  • How To Make Kombucha
    Simply put, kombucha is fermented tea. A culture of bacteria called SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), sometimes called “the mother,” consumes the sugar in a fermentation process just like yeast does in beer. The result is a tangy, semi-sweet fermented tea with a very low level of alcohol–typically below 1% ABV. It can be carbonated, making for a […]
  • Tuesday Beer Trivia: Beer Color
    Test yourself on beer color in this week's Tuesday Beer Trivia. Read More The post Tuesday Beer Trivia: Beer Color appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • Brewing Brewers: Beer in College is Not What You Think
    Today’s college kids are not the same.  I see them as freshmen, and again as seniors, and the evolution is stark.  Most freshmen have never lived away from home or had a job.  They’ve been shuttled from sports to lessons, and are truly dependents.  By the time they’re seniors, they’re driven to succeed, aware of […]

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  • 2017 SJPORR Challenge
    Stay tuned to the SJPORR Challenge new for the complete detailed rules, see the video release from SJ himself that gives us the over view. Now this is a challenge!!!
  • Norwegian farmhouse ale with Kveik Grainfather brew
    Another great video on the Norwegian farmhouse ale called Kveik. This one is by David Heath 50% pilsner/50% pale ale malt to make wort of 6-8% 1 hop addition for bittering giving around 15 ibu. Use just noble hops. Saaz, hallertau, perle, East kent goldings all work well. Stick with low alpha acid hops only. 90 Minute […]
  • Tony Yates- Kveik Brew Day – A Tradition-Inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale
    A Twelve hour brew day condensed down into a one hour video comprised of an introduction to the brew day, loads of brewing footage, and finally a wrap up. This is my first time trying to brew up a tradition-inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale. Big thanks to Eik & Tid (Oak and Time): Also paying […]
  • New to brewing beer
    Slàinte mhàth everyone! I've been making wine and brewing small mead for about 12 years now.  I am about to take the plunge and brew my first batch of beer.  I plan on posting it to Youtube when I do.  I've chosen a cream ale recipe.  This should be interesting.  :-)
  • Brewtubers Facebook
    Have you seen the new Brewtubers community page?   Check out Ali Sim he is trying to compile as complete a list YouTube channels with links to them…

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