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  • The Effect of Post-Boil/Whirlpool Hop Additions on Bitterness in Beer
    AHA member Nick Rodammer sets out to answer the question of how post-boil hop additions affect bitterness in beer. Read More The post The Effect of Post-Boil/Whirlpool Hop Additions on Bitterness in Beer appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • Zymurgy Live Sneak Peek with Denny Conn
    Register for Zymurgy Live: The Philosophy of Recipe Design and Evaluation * * * The desire to create your own recipe is something that every homebrewer can relate to. Maybe a corner of your garden has a few extra basil stems that you’d like to experiment with, or you want to tinker with a clone […]
  • Ommegang Abbey Clone
    A deliciously complex dark Belgian ale, Ommegang Abbey bursts with dark fruit and malt aromas, gingerbread spice, a pineapple fruitiness, and a subtle but powerful alcohol warmth. Culturing the house yeast strain will give you the most authentic results, especially at the temperature specified, but a pure culture strain also works well. The caramel red […]
  • Tuesday Beer Trivia: The Evolution of Hops
    Put your knowledge of our favorite bine's evolutionary history to the test in this week's Tuesday Beer Trivia Read More The post Tuesday Beer Trivia: The Evolution of Hops appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • 2017 Homebrew Con Registration
    We’re bringing the 2017 Homebrew Con to Minneapolis! What: Homebrew Con Where: Minneapolis Convention Center When: June 15 – 17, 2017 Registration Registration for the 2017 Homebrew Con will open on March 7, 2017 at 10:00 am MT. Registratants must be active AHA members at the time of registration and during the event. Prices for each registration option […]

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  • Norwegian farmhouse ale with Kveik Grainfather brew
    Another great video on the Norwegian farmhouse ale called Kveik. This one is by David Heath 50% pilsner/50% pale ale malt to make wort of 6-8% 1 hop addition for bittering giving around 15 ibu. Use just noble hops. Saaz, hallertau, perle, East kent goldings all work well. Stick with low alpha acid hops only. 90 Minute […]
  • Tony Yates- Kveik Brew Day – A Tradition-Inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale
    A Twelve hour brew day condensed down into a one hour video comprised of an introduction to the brew day, loads of brewing footage, and finally a wrap up. This is my first time trying to brew up a tradition-inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale. Big thanks to Eik & Tid (Oak and Time): https://www.facebook.com/eiktid/ Also paying […]
  • New to brewing beer
    Slàinte mhàth everyone! I've been making wine and brewing small mead for about 12 years now.  I am about to take the plunge and brew my first batch of beer.  I plan on posting it to Youtube when I do.  I've chosen a cream ale recipe.  This should be interesting.  :-)
  • Brewtubers Facebook
    Have you seen the new Brewtubers community page?  https://www.facebook.com/groups/brewtube/   Check out Ali Sim he is trying to compile as complete a list YouTube channels with links to them…
  • Taking the Plunge
    Hello Brewtubers!  I guess this is an introduction and a post about taking the first steps in starting my electric brewery.  I won't tell the story about how I got here (maybe a Homebrew Wednesday?  If I can get my son to teach me how to make a video!).  After searching, watching, reading, and my wife […]

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