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  • The Fall (Cranberry Saison)
    This Cranberry Saison Automne was inspired by Unibroue's Quelque Chose, which is made by blending beer-soaked wild cherries into the final product. The impetus for the cranberries in this recipe was to maximize the fermentation of the sugars by adding them to the mash rather than adding them for flavor at the end. Frozen cranberries were […]
  • Relax, Don’t Worry— It’s Learn to Homebrew Day
    Now in its 18 year, the American Homebrewers Association’s (AHA) Learn to Homebrew Day has become a highly anticipated staple of the fall season for thousands of people around the world. On the first Saturday of every November, hundreds of homebrew clubs, shops, craft breweries, beer bars, and individuals get together to teach their yet-to-brew […]
  • Ale of Asgard
    This is a strong beer that is light in color. If everything goes according to plan, you will make a highly fermentable wort on brew day and achieve a high degree of attenuation in fermentation. The resulting beer with be full-bodied (but not overly chewy or sweet), well-balanced, and very drinkable considering its strength. The […]
  • Tuesday Beer Trivia: Growing Barley
    Test your knowledge on growing barley in this week's Tuesday Beer Trivia quiz. Read More The post Tuesday Beer Trivia: Growing Barley appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • Fake Out the Cold: How to Brew a Faux Lager
    For years, the word lager seemed like a dirty word that homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts dared not utter in mixed company. I mean, who drinks lager? After all, aren’t craft beer and homebrewing, in part, reactions to Big Beer’s mass-produced commodities? Isn’t lager just ballpark seltzer? Nope! Curious drinkers who get to know lagers […]

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  • Northern Brewer / Midwest Supplies acquired by AB InBev.
    I see Chris Farley (Northern Brewer founder) has posted a blog regarding the rumors of acquisition or partnership with ZX Ventures. http://www.northernbrewer.com/learn/farl…ng-future/
  • Nov 5th International Tribute/ Learn To Homebre Day
    We feel it is fitting to move the International Tribute to Paul Wicksteed Brew Day to coincide with National Learn To Homebrew Day. It just makes sense that we use this day to pay tribute to our friend in a manner that may teach other the art of brewing beer. Below are links to the recipes if […]
  • Braumeister
    The new Braumeister is in the building…… a thing of some beauty … anyone got any hints and tips  
  • What makes a good beer?
    I know this is a weird question and I understand that taste, texture, and smell is a personal preference. I also know temperature, freshness, and the food I eat all affect the way I enjoy a beer. But to me a good beer depends as much on the person consuming it as the beverage its self.  […]
  • 20-L All Grain BIAB Home Brewery Equipment
    Looking for a great BIAB all grain home brew setup? You've found it!  I am changing my brewery set up so due to lack of space this system must go. Makes fantastic beer! 1/ Bayou Classic single burner heavy duty with Hose, Regulator, Valve Assembly and UK adapter. 2/ Bayou Classic stainless steel boil kettle […]

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